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Anderson Mar, Reluctant Icon

If you are in the Merrimack Valley on 6/21, or want to be..

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Please explain how "all readers are screened for accuracy"?
You can ask Lou Ann, as she's the organizer:
reiki?! Oh jeeze..

Either way, email sent. I'll be sure to post the reply here.
About what I expected:

Hi Travis,

Thanks for your question.
The readers (Official Seers)are leaders in their fields. Authors, Teachers and well knowns. The credentials are impeccable, the references are un-matched.

If you are not a Psychic, Intuit or Prophet, then testing can not be explained, if you are, then you already know.

The best way to find out is to come on out to the event! :)

So I replied to this...

I don't understand.. If I'm a not a psychic then the testing can not
be explained? If it can't be explained or there's no standardized way
of testing then how can I trust it? This goes for any kind of
certification or testing in any field. Be it a psychic, surgeon, or

I would like to know the method of screening before I plunk down this
kind of money for a reading. Sylvia Browne is well known and a author,
but her accuracy leaves a lot to be desired.

Her reply to that was:

Oh, Okay Travis.
Thanks, I didn't know you were serious about that.

The "Seers" were gathered from Worcester to Salem, Rhode Island to Manchester. They have all been practicing for many years and have reputations that precede them. Members of Psychics for hire and similar prestigious groups, the readers get 4 to 7 dollars per minute for readings in most cases.

You can always google the members, if your serious too. Lori Bruno, Griffin Gowan, Vinny Russo, check the website.
Thanks for your interest.
So, lets just forget the fact that this event isn't even in New Hampshire so what's it doing in the New Hampshire LJ Community..

Psychics are not real. There's no evidence that there are any "real" psychics. As a result, as far as I'm concerned, anybody claiming to be a psychic, especially at $50 for 30 minutes is fraudulent. You're taking money from them for a lie.

Unless somebody can show me a well done study proving psychic abilities, I say these people should be brought up on fraud charges.
Meh. It's close enough to NH to be relevant. I just think you're in it to further bash the subject matter. Keep in mind this is for "Entertainment Only" as noted at the bottom of that e-mail you quoted. Some people choose to blow 50 dollars for 30 minutes on strippers, or you can easily do the same thing at a shooting range, or even golfing!
The flier, and the website do not mention that it's for entertainment only.

As far as those other things you mention that is true, but they also don't give you false hopes. It's not like the strip club advertises it self as a brothel and then you get there and you can only look. :)
I'm sure each vendor has their own disclaimer or a sign or something indicating that their powers may be adversely affected by the positioning of Sun and/or Moon on a given day. Even if they don't... you might compare it to church. I don't think anyone is going to sue a church because they thought by going and praying for their loved one that they might be miraculously cured of say, cancer. I like to think people are smart enough or reasonable enough to know what they're getting into and what to expect. Common sense rules all, No?
Even the church doesn't say your prayers will be answered.

If I go to the website there's no mention of it being for entertainment. In fact they stress the accuracy of their psychics. You can reserve your time slot on the website. Can you back out once you get there and see all these disclaimers? I don't know, it's not mentioned.

When questioned about it I'm told I wouldn't understand because I'm not a psychic. If I was a psychic why would I have to go to one?

If you were going to hire a contractor to do work on your house and asked him for his credentials to do the job would you accept "you're not a contractor, you wouldn't understand the certification" as an answer?