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These Cats Need Your Help!!

The boyfriend and I dropped in at the Humane Society of Greater Nashua today. We had heard about the overwhelming number of adult cats there that need homes fast. Starting tomorrow, Friday, October 31st, adoption fees will be waived for cats aged 6 months and over. All cats are fixed and micro-chipped. Those fees ($50 for the fix, $14.99 for the micro chip) will not be waived, however, adoption fees are normally in the range of $50 to $100, so this is a great opportunity to bring a cat in need into your home for a low cost!

If you're not aware, Humane Society shelters are not "no-kill" shelters. Animals who are not adopted after a certain amount of time are euthanized.

We visited each room and interacted with every cat and kitten in the building. They are all so adorable and in need of good homes! The shelter is also in dire need of donations of food and cat litter. If you cannot adopt a cat, please consider donating!

Click here to view all of the felines who need your help!

Thank you!

Emily, Mike and the newest member of our family...

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