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Anderson Mar, Reluctant Icon

Attention, NH bands that have a following

Hope Eternal Loud Music Festival

a Women’s Cancer Awareness Benefit

A music benefit to celebrate the recovery of Eternal Embrace violinist, Carla Rae, from a rare form of uterine cancer and to raise awareness regarding all forms of cancer that affect women.


· 10 Bands

Rock, Metal, Alternative, Covers & Originals

· Vendors

Health & Beauty, Spa Therapy, Jewelry, Erotica, Gourmet Food, Art, Music, Books

· Guest Speakers

Female Cancer Survivors from all walks of life

· Sponsors

Many New Hampshire area businesses

Rocko’s Bar and Grille, 253 Wilson Street, Manchester, NH

Saturday, September 19th

Time: 1pm – 1am

All Ages, Advance Tickets $10.00 each, $12.00 Door

Ages 5 and Under Free

Prize Raffles and More


Dark Sky Productions, Anderson Mar, CEO

Triple Moon Entertainment, Eleanor Moyer, CEO

Eternal Embrace, Allison Casey, Marketing Director

For more information or to get involved contact: Eleanor Moyer at Ph: 603-233-3217 or

Eleanor Moyer
Keyboardist and Manager
Eternal Embrace

"Never mess with something that bleeds for five days and still lives"
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