Candi (thebohomama) wrote in new_hampshire,

Attachment, natural parenting: Business?

I have an unusual question and I don't know if anyone can help me.

I'm living in Ireland at the moment but my partner and I have considered moving back to the states in the next few years (likely New Hampshire or Vermont). Because the Dollar to Euro is going lower and lower and house prices are ridiculously cheaper there than here we will have a decent amount of money coming over.

I have a few questions:
I would like to start a business, preferably online and physical, dealing in attachment/alternative parenting: cloth diapers, slings, natural baby supplies, clothing, wooden toys, etc... you get the picture-- also provide a place for mothers to meet for breastfeeding support, etc. I'm always looking for tips to get started if anyone has started a business in this manner before (not necessarily the same product but a shops a shop a lot of times).

So, how successful do you see a business like this being? What are some good towns to consider that may be inclined to this sort of thing? I'm looking for a place with an interested client base and somewhere that isn't terribly expensive in terms of retail rentals.

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