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New Hampshire - Live Free or Die
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Welcome to the New Hampshire Community!

This community was created for those who live in, vacation in, visit, like, love or hate New Hampshire. Feel free to post about events occuring in New Hampshire and interesting places to visit as well as chat with fellow community members.

Please keep in mind that posts should be of interest to the community at large. Please do not re-post journal entries unless they are related to the community. Please do not make a habit of posting quizzes and forwards.

What is not allowed in this community:

  • Posts that are obviously personal in nature
    (i.e. should be in your personal journal)
  • Posts attacking members of the community
  • Advertisements for pay websites
  • Pornography (there are users under 18 here)
  • Posts asking for codes (see codesharing)
  • Trolling

Also, Please use lj-cut tags for long posts.
If you do not know how this FAQ can help.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the maintainer, snarly.

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